Sustainability Policy – CSR

AMKO’s Environmental Policy commits the company to the following areas:

  • environmentally responsible operations
  • environmental stewardship in the community


AMKO seeks to attain and maintain a place of leadership in all that we do. This includes leadership in environmental stewardship and sustainability at our company, in our production facilities, and in the larger community of which we are a part. We will bring vision, intellect, and high ethical standards to our pursuit of environmental leadership in operations, and our relationship with the community.


AMKO will continue to be in the forefront of responsible policies and will continue to use our capability to constructively affect environmental policy throughout all that we do. We are committed to increasing management and companywide awareness of environmental issues, and enhancing environmental educational offerings to all.


AMKO will comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations and go beyond compliance by integrating the values of sustainability, stewardship, and resource conservation into our activities and services. We will make decisions to improve the long-term quality and regenerative capacity of the environmental, social, and economic systems that support the company’s activities and needs. We will engage in pollution prevention activities and develop and promote practices that maximize beneficial effects and minimize harmful effects of operations, research, and activities on the surrounding environment. We are committed to assessment of the environmental impacts associated with our activities and services, and we will develop and track measures of our progress.


You have the right to information about the saved personal data, its origins and recipients as well as the purpose of the data processing at all times. We will be happy to inform you of the personal data we have stored about you on a written request. You can also contact the data protection officer directly at the following e-mail address:


AMKO is committed to playing a constructive and collaborative role as a responsible environmental citizen in the life of the surrounding community. We will maintain a positive and proactive role in communicating with the surrounding community regarding our environmental activities and performance.