About AMKO Group International Ltd.

AMKO Group is a worldwide operating specialist in designing, manufacturing, supplying and distributing foodservice products, concepts and guest comfort items. With our worldwide factory network we can offer product solutions that fit into any service.

AMKO Group International Ltd. was founded in 2005 with our mission to provide our customers with quality products while exceeding expectations. AMKO takes a comprehensive, customized approach to the individual needs of each of our existing and prospective clients and their projects. This in combination with providing uncompromising service at the best possible quality and price. Our attention to detail and service is what sets us apart.

tableware and more

The AMKO Group team has over 70 years of experience combined. From design to customization, from concept to manufacturing of tabletop items and related products. Your one-stop-shop for your total hospitality and guest experience. AMKO Group has hospitality and gastronomy product expertise for restaurants, the hotel industry, caterers, airliners (from international carriers to private/business jets) and flight kitchens, cruise liners, ferries, railway and retail.

Flexible network

AMKO has manufacturing and partner companies in China, Hongkong, Vietnam, India, the European continent and the United States. We ship worldwide and with that a solid supply chain is key. Our global factory network and advanced logistics will positively contribute to your total cost of ownership as well.

In need of more information?

Do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We are happy to answer any question you might have.