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Innovation and creativity

AMKO Group is a pioneer in tabletop fashion and innovation. Our philosophy is to combine the beauty of tableware with creative solutions and trendy designs.

Constraints in your proces? We have the knowledge and experience to encouter them together with you. AMKO Group will help you create a tabletop presentation that inspires, has a positive impact on your guest experience and adds more visual flavors to your meal presentation.


Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expertise

AMKO Group is one of the world’s premier manufacturers and distributors of tableware products and more. With over 60 years combined experience AMKO continues the tradition of upholding its unwavering commitment to providing products that offer the highest standards of design, craftsmanship, quality and innovation.

Are you looking for the right manufacturing and logisitics partner to have your newly designed product produced and distributed? AMKO Group is the partner you can count on, since 2005.

Requirements big or small

Our world class factories produce over 200 million pieces of quality products per month combined. Requirements big or small? We will find you a perfect match – either off-the-shelf or a custom design.

We are aware new solutions often need to be trialed first. We have the ability to provide you with quality reference sampling and small production batches to help you through the necessary test phases.

Any questions?

We are happy to support you with our solutions and expertise.

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Excellence; we settle for nothing less and we are proud we got this rewarded.
We achieved this by focusing on

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